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Essential Alaskan Hunt INformation

What's Included?

At Aleutian Island Waterfowlers, we offer a comprehensive package for your hunting and fishing adventure. This includes round trip ground transportation to and from our start point at the Cold Bay airport, comfortable lodging, three daily meals, fully guided hunts and fishing trips, fish and game processing, and assistance with trip preparation and travel. Our hunt contract outlines all the details and prices. Join us for an exceptional experience in the stunning Aleutian Islands.

What's NOT Included?

When planning your trip with Aleutian Island Waterfowlers, please consider additional expenses and items not included in our package. This includes round trip airfare to Anchorage, Alaska, pre- and post-trip accommodations and meals, Raven or Aleutian Air flights from Anchorage to Cold Bay (approximately $1400 pp), or on a King Eider hunt  our private Charter flight to St Paul Island/Island X cost’s (approximately $1900 pp), hunting licenses and stamps, potential weather delays, tipping guides and staff (10-15%), bringing your own alcoholic beverages, guns, ammo, and personal hunting gear. Feel free to contact us for further assistance. Get ready for an exceptional hunting experience in the Aleutian Islands!

Alaska Hunt dates and Season Dates

Hunt Early season Cold Bay Cast N Blast Sept 1 – Oct 28.

Trophy Seaduck Season Cold Bay Oct 28 – Dec 16.

Late season King Eider/Harlequin, Longtail on St Paul Island -Island X Dec 26 – Jan 23.


Bag and Possession Limits

Ducks – 8 per day, 24 in possession

Sea Ducks –  Residents 10 per day, 20 in possession ,Nonresidents 7 per day, 20 per season, no more than 4 of any species.

Canada Geese –  4 per day, 12 in possession

Pacific Brant – 2 per day, 6 in possession

Harlequin Ducks- 4 per season

Emperor Geese – Residents 1 per season, by registration permit only. Nonresidents 1 per season, by drawing permit onl

How do you get to Cold Bay Alaska?

For travel information to Cold Bay or Island X, The trip will start with a commercial flight from your home to Anchorage (ANC) Alaska the day before your trip is scheduled to start. All guests will need to stay overnight at a hotel of your choice, we highly recommend the Millennium Hotel to all our guests. You will then take a free hotel shuttle from the airport and after a good nights sleep and a hotel breakfast the following morning, You will  catch your flight via one of the two airlines that fly to Cold Bay which is Raven airlines and Aleutian airways. You will board your flight and once you arrive at the cold bay airport your trip with us starts as one of our staff members will be there to greet you with a smile upon arrival and then shuttle you from the airport back to our main lodge. 


Island X King eider hunt – travel requires a private charter that we arrange it will depart the North Terminal of Anchorage international airport AROUND NOON checkin is 10:30 am  the shuttle will take you there directly from the Millennium hotel in anchorage on the day of your trip dates and will return you to anchorage on the last day. EX-HUNT 1 Dec 26-31. The Cost is $1900pp rd trip.

Aleutian AIrways –

Raven Alaska –

Millenium Lakefront Hotel Anchorage –

How do you get to Cold Bay Alaska?
Deluxe Lake View Room

Map Showing The Relation of Cold Bay to Anchorage

Alaska topographic map highlighting Island X, Cold Bay, and Anchorage.

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Detailed Gear List

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Aleutian Island Waterfowlers, we prioritize personalizing each group’s trip based on their specific interests and preferences.

The day will start with a wake-up call around 7:00 a.m., followed by a delicious breakfast served each morning to fuel your day of hunting.

For your convenience, we pack snacks to take with you, as most days you’ll enjoy field dining. However, depending on factors such as the time of year, tides, and weather conditions, there are occasions when we return to the house for lunch and a chance to warm up and regroup mid-day.

While some days may involve hunting until dark, our hunting schedule is primarily influenced by the tides rather than the specific time of day. We adapt our plans to optimize your hunting experience and maximize your chances of success.

To ensure compliance with federal migratory bird shipping regulations, all birds harvested during your hunt with Aleutian Island Waterfowlers will be properly tagged, labeled, packaged, and frozen. This ensures that you can transport them with ease and in accordance with applicable regulations.

As for the salmon you catch, we will clean, vacuum-seal, and freeze it for your convenience during travel. This way, you can enjoy your delicious catch even after you leave our lodge.

To facilitate the transportation of your harvested birds and salmon, we recommend bringing a medium-sized cooler as part of your baggage. This will allow you to keep your game and fish fresh and secure during your journey home.

We recommend you purchase your license online at least 30-60 days before your trip. Please visit the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website to purchase your license:

You will need to purchase your Alaska small game license and your Alaska state duck stamp online. If you purchase your Federal Duck Stamp online, please purchase  in advance so that there is enough time for you to receive it in the mail before your trip.

It is important to ensure you don’t show up without all of your proper licenses. If you do not have your licenses, and they are unavailable locally, then you will not be able to hunt with us. For clients who also want to fish during your stay, please also purchase the 7-day non-resident fishing license online with the dates selected for your trip.

Well-trained dogs are welcome at Aleutian Island Waterfowlers. Feel free to bring your well-behaved pup along with you on your trip. Please bring your dog’s own food and treats. If it’s your dog’s first time traveling, make sure to check the airline’s requirements and ensure their travel health certificate is valid for your entire trip to Alaska. 

Yes, we recommend that you bring your own shotgun. However, please note that our hunts primarily take place in saltwater environments, which necessitates thorough daily cleaning of firearms to prevent corrosion. Ensuring the proper maintenance of your gun is crucial for optimal performance throughout your hunting experience.

We recommend you bring at least 2 -3 boxes of quality #3, #4, or #5 shells. If you are hunting Harlequin or Longtails, we recommend 1 -2 boxes of quality #6 shells. 

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